Magic 360 Easy Flat Mop

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Product Details

Specification of magic 360 easy Flat Mop:

Pole Material: Aluminum

Mop Head Material: PP

Handle Type: Telescopic

Color: Customized


weight: 350g/set

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Feature: Eco-Friendly

Application of magic 360 easy Flat Mop:

1. 360 swivel head makes it flexible in turning any direction. Easy to clean every corner even under the table, wardrobe and refrigerator.

2. Straight side of the mop head touch the floor perfectly while the round edge protect the surface safely.

3. Telescopic handle with non-slip design can be locked strongly at any height. Clean the house with the most comfortable length.

4. Easy collocation all sorts of cloths. Thoroughly eradicates dust, dirt and hair.

Features of magic 360 easy flat mop:

1. Flat mop also called dust mop, clean mop, dust mop, 

2. is used for electronic clean industrial plants and pharmaceutical GMP workshop clean use of a special cleaning tool, a unique anti-static function, 

3. can quickly absorb oil Material, to reduce the friction on the fine surface, a unique vacuum roll, a large area of fast and efficient squeeze dirt and dust, to avoid secondary pollution and damage to the surface, without the use of cleaning agents.




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