About Needle-Punch Nonwoven

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Needle punching is the oldest method of producing nonwoven products. The web for needle punch nonwoven is made with the help of dry-laid technology mainly by carding process. This process involves forcibly entangling layers of loose staple fibres or filaments into a 3-D structure by alternately punching and pulling out beds of barbed needles. With needle punching or mechanical bonding, strong yet flexible and comparably thick nonwovens are produced.

The needle punch is manufactured based on a two-step process:

  • From granules to fibres: Polymer resin is extruded into endless fibres, and then stretched, crimped and cut into short fibres.

  • From fibres to nonwovens: In this case fibres are carded and needle punched and then bonded thermally to form the ultimate nonwoven fabrics.

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