Buying A Small Must Brush Coup

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Toilet brush / toilet cup, is used to clean the toilet professional brush and a toilet brush cup, is essential for home bathroom products. The following together to understand how to buy high-quality toilet brush.

1, bristles to be thick. Cleaning the toilet is mainly rely on bristles, so the time of purchase should pay attention to the density of bristles to be moderate.

2, the quality of bristles. When cleaning the toilet, brushes need hard brushing, so pay attention to the toughness of bristles, do not choose to brush a product on the hair loss.

3, the material of the toilet cup: plastic toilet brush / toilet cup: refers to the toilet bowl made of plastic toilet / toilet cup. Stainless steel toilet brush / toilet cup: toilet bowl is made of stainless steel toilet brush / toilet

4, toilet cup to be moderate. The best time to buy toilet cup toilet brush with the matching, the size should be moderate, just to match with the toilet brush, not big or small. And choose to facilitate cleaning toilet bowl, easier to maintain hygiene, to avoid breeding bacteria.

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