- Jun 27, 2018 -

Step 1: Trap dust. 

Put on a microfiber mitt and quickly run your hand over the coffee table, side tables, open shelves, picture frames and light fixtures. For ceiling fans, slip an old pillowcase over one blade at a time and use it to pull off and catch any dust bunnies hanging out on top. Dump the loose dust in the trash, then flip the pillowcase inside out and wash it and the cleaning mitt with your next load.

Step 2: Pick up pet hair (and more). 

Roll a lint brush over your couch cushions, lampshades—even over patches of an area rug—to pick up loose strands, fuzz and larger pieces of dirt. If the floor needs it, reach for a handheld or regular vacuum instead of wasting time sweeping up with a broom. Then you won't need to fetch a dustpan or make an extra trip to the trash can when you're done cleaning. 

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