Glass Cleaning Scraper

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Rubber Window Squeegee

Every year, a big cleaning is required. At this time, you need to wipe the glass and wash the windows. Do you know how to clean the windows? How can you clean the windows? Come check it out.

First clear the big dust: use a newspaper or a brush to wipe off the large dust on the glass, then wipe the border, and finally wipe the dust in the frame. First wipe the entire window and glass roughly to remove the dust.

Clear the dust in the frame slot: Under normal circumstances, the dust in the frame slot is not easy to wipe off. You can use a small brush to wipe it first. After cleaning, clean it with a brush and finally clean it with a damp cloth. Just fine.

Remove the stain on the glass surface with clean water. If the water does not get rid of it, try using detergent or other detergent. Dirty things that can not be washed by detergent can be considered to be gently scraped off with a small blade and then washed with water.

After washing with water, use a glass cleaning scraper to scrape the water clean: If you don't use a glass cleaning scraper to scrape the water, it is easy to leave a stain or watermark on the glass.Especially in the case of wind and sun, it is most likely to leave traces of wiping.

Use the newspaper to wipe out the moisture: this is the last step in washing the window glass. Choose the newspaper, because the newspaper has good water absorption and no lint. If you use a dry cloth, it is easy to destroy the glass; with a towel, it is easy to lose hair; The glass that the newspaper has rubbed will be brighter.

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