Home Disturbing Trouble Annoying? In Fact, The Pair Of Cleaning Brush Can Help You To Do More With Less

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Cup cleaning brush

The cleaning of the cup is the most troublesome, because the cup mouth is relatively small, the hand is difficult to stretch into, so the dirty bottom of the cup is difficult to clean up. The cup must be cleaned with the help of cup brush, clean the cup wall and cup bottom are very convenient. There are sometimes tea stains on the top of the cup or the impression left behind by the beverage. A little toothpaste plus a cup brush can clean the cup

Kitchen supplies cleaning brush

Dishwashing the kitchen inside the kitchen is a daily thing to do, compared to cooking, when washing dishwashing detergent is the most injuries, so when washing dishes should try not to touch the detergent or Wearing gloves to wash dishes, but wearing gloves in the summer is not a wise choice. You can use a long-handled dishwashing brush, your hands do not touch the dishwashing detergent, and it is handy to clean the rest of the kitchen.

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