How Clean Are Not Clean? Teach You Home Cleaning Coup (living Room)

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1, tile cracks in the dirt

Tile cracks often have a lot of dirt, you can squeeze the right amount of toothpaste on the brush or toothbrush, carefully clean the dirt at the tile joints, and then take a small amount of candle crushed smear in the gap at the candle thickness and thickness of the flat after Do not worry about hiding the dust

2, TV dust

TV cooling port at the dust is not good to clean up, in fact, you can do: the towel into the detergent and water softener mixed soak, picked up after wringing on the television set on the cooling port, the cooling vents complete cover, Set off a towel, hair dryer to the TV hair dryer. Dust anions, negatively charged, while the towel softener contains cations, with a positive charge, will be separated from the negative charge, so to achieve the effect of dust removal.

3, carpet cleaning

Carpet is difficult to wash, wool and other materials can only dry cleaning, thorough cleaning method is to find dry cleaners door-to-door cleaning. If not that time, you can first suck the carpet dust, and then remove the accumulated smudges and spots a year can be. Coffee stains, tea stains can be ammonia or glycerol smear, then wipe with warm water; soy sauce, vinegar, milk and other stains available detergent dipped in water, then alcohol scrub; blood stains can be scrubbed with cold water and then scrub with salt water or lemon juice .

4, the sofa clean

Sofa in accordance with the different types of cleaning methods vary, in addition to using a professional cortex, wood cleaners, you can also choose some tips. For example: leather furniture available egg white wipe, to decontaminate and restore the bright leather; solid wood furniture can be soaked in rag wipe the milk, and then wipe clean, decontamination effect is good; cloth sofa first dry towel beat to remove the dust, Wipe the cloth with a wet towel again. If the house has a vacuum cleaner, dust removal effect will be better.

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