How Clean Are Not Clean? Teach You Home Cleaning Coup (bedroom)

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1, Screen cleaning

In addition to removing the screen to wash with water, but also can be wet wet newspaper paste the reverse side of the screen, in order to absorb dust to clean the screen. For the kitchen window, due to grease can try sponge stained washing powder water to clean. Salt can also be used to clean the screen window. Salt has the role of adsorption of dust, and small particles, you can clean the cracks, voids and other places. Or the detergent and the cigarette after the rest of the cigarette butts on the water together, to be dissolved after wiping screens, good effect.

2, wardrobe clean

Edge corners easy to fall dust. Tidy wardrobe, you can all the first out of all clothing, the cabinet first conduct a round of cleaning. If the surface of the wardrobe is dusty, use a dusting brush or a soft cloth to remove the dust. If the surface is dirty, consider using a mild detergent or soapy water in combination with a damp cloth or scrubbing with a sand wax. Do not use corrosive Cleaners, the conditions can be regular maintenance of oil finishes with finishes.

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