How Cleaning Tips?

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Microfiber Kitchen Cleaning Cloth

What are the little tricks of daily cleaning?

1. The dust of wooden furniture can be easily seen. Before wiping, wipe the cleaning cloth into the soft detergent, and the dust will not remain on the furniture.

2. After the bathtub is dirty, people lose interest in the bath. Mix two tablespoons of soda and soda powder in a wet bath, then mix two ounces of vinegar and two ounces of bleach for half an hour after 10 minutes. After that, it is washed away with a lot of water and it will be white.

3. The grease and charcoal on the oil pan are the most difficult to clean. Soak it with a large amount of salt and a small amount of water for ten minutes, it will be clean.

4. The stains and spots on the surface of the stove are annoying. Try wiping with a cleaning cloth soaked in olive oil.

5. After the cup is dyed with tea or coffee, it can be soaked in an equal amount of water and vinegar for about one hour, and then washed with a sponge, so that there is no dye residue.

6. After the baking tray is sticky, it is very difficult to clean. Remember to apply a layer of salt on the plate before baking it, it will make the dough fall off easily.

7. There are some pets in the house. Just add 10 drops of lavender or lemon oil to the spray bottle and mix it with a tablespoon of soda and two cups of warm water to eliminate the taste.

8. The metal area of the faucet is prone to water stains. If you wipe it with wax paper, you will find that the number of cleanings can be greatly reduced.

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