How To Clean The Tile Gap Are Not Clean? Teach You A Stupid Method, Tiles Immediately White As New

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Today's home improvement more and more refined, whether it is bathroom or kitchen, almost every family will be covered with ceramic tile floor or wall, after all, the obvious advantages of ceramic tiles, that is, looks beautiful and clean, waterproof and dirt-resistant. Home cleaning every day, but many people often overlook one place, that is the crevice of the tile, a long time it is easy to get dirty ash, and even mold. Other places are very clean, except for crevices dark and dirty, very difficult to clean up, this is also a clean blind spot. How to clean the tile gap are not clean? Do not panic, teach you a "stupid" method today, tiles immediately white as new.

You can use the old toothbrush to clean, because the teeth of the toothbrush is relatively small, deep into the gap, for deep cleaning, brushing the gap with a toothbrush dipped in water, and finally wipe it again with a rag to deal with the general stain is very effective. If the gap at the black moldy, you can also use toothpaste to deal with, first with a damp cloth to wipe it again, with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, easy to brush the stain at a few minutes and then wipe a rub, stain stubborn mold stains disappear It's

The use of white vinegar disinfection, we will white vinegar ratio of 1: 5 watered, mixed into a small watering can, spray across the tile gap. Then the baking soda to the cracks, as baking soda decontamination ability will dissolve the dirt dissolved, and finally with a rag to tile again, quickly became clean.

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