How To Replace Sponge Mop Head?

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Sponge Mop Cleaner

How to replace the sponge head of the sponge mop?

1. Slam the cloth and try to get close to the edge of the mop disc

2. Rotate the mop lever so that the screw is facing the foot position and tilt it in the opposite direction to separate it from the cloth disc.

3. If the screw is not positioned, it will not be separated from the disc.

4. Place the new cloth on the ground and align the head disc with the cloth.

5. Press down and make a close sound. Many families now use rotating mops.

Some friends have doubts: The mop head is too long to worry about breeding bugs and bacteria, and after using it for a long time, the decontamination ability and water absorption capacity of the mop head are reduced. How often do you change it? The decontamination ability and water absorption capacity of the microfiber mop head are obvious to all, but its ability is also limited. When used for a certain period of time, it will be “unloaded” Like a traditional cloth mop, usually 1 year. At this time we have to change the mop head. Rotating mops are purchased with 2 mop heads. After use, we can purchase the mop head separately. Often the advantage of changing the mop head is to prevent the production of bacteria and keep the home clean and hygienic.

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