Characteristics Of Non-woven Fabric

- Jul 23, 2018 -

The particular set of properties that a non-woven fabric may have is dependent upon the combination of factors in its production. The range of characteristics is wide.

a.     The appearance of non-woven fabrics may be paper like, felt like, or similar to that of woven fabrics.

b.     They may have a soft, resilient hand, or they may be hard, stiff, or broadly with little pliability.

c.      They may be as thin as thin as tissue paper or many times thicker.

d.     They also may be translucent or opaque.

e.     Their porosity may range from low tear and burst strength to very high tensile strength.

f.       They may be fabricated by gluing, heat bonding, or sewing.

g.     The drapability of this type of fabrics varies from good to none at all.

h.     Some fabrics have excellent launderability; others have none. Some may be dry-cleaned.

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