Non-woven Fabrics

- Jul 25, 2018 -

non woven fabric wipe

Non-woven fabrics can be roughly divided into:

(1) non-woven fabric for medical and hygienic use: Surgical clothes, protective clothing, disinfectant bags, masks, diapers, cleaning cloth, wipes, wet face towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary towels, sanitary pads, disposable sanitary towels, etc.;

(2) non-woven fabric for family decoration: Wall cloth, tablecloth, bedspread, bedspread, etc.;

(3) non-woven fabric for clothing: Lining, adhesive lining, flocculation, stereotyped cotton, various synthetic leather base cloth, etc.;

(4) non-woven industrial fabrics; filter materials, insulation materials, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, cladding cloth, etc.

(5) non-woven fabric for agricultural use: Crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc.;

(6) other non-woven fabrics: Space cotton, insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum, filter tip, tea bag, etc.

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