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- Aug 06, 2018 -

Microfiber Hand Squeeze Mop

Comparison of the folding squeeze mop with the general mop:

The squeezing performance of the rubber mop directly affects the use effect. The development of the squeezing structure begins with the first generation of roller squeezing water, and the same direction has evolved into a flap type, a large roller, a double row of rollers, a large or extended type, etc. The place where the mop and the mop head are connected is the most critical. Some plastic materials are easy to break. Some of the iron clips that are clamped to the rubber are thin and uneven, and the cotton is loose.

The second generation of cotton mop squeezing water into the double-fold era, the squeezing water has been greatly improved, but the front and side are not very full. The third generation of the cotton mop evolution finally completed the slide folding process, and gradually improved the effect of thoroughly squeezing water.

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