Teach You A Few Moves To Keep The Home Fresh Air Forever

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Kitchen and toilet waste overnight

Home odor bear the brunt of the garbage from the kitchen, bathroom, so the two rubbish must be cleaned daily, do not spend the night. When the metal trash odor, the waste newspaper can be quickly lit after lit, the smell that is removed. If plastic trash, you can put some food desiccant at the bottom.

Vinegar evaporation smoke smell

As long as the orange peel on the fire roasted or poured into the pot a small amount of vinegar, make it evaporate, sooty taste simply solved.

Candle smoke away smoke

Two candles are lit in the house to drive away the smoke and refresh the air. You can soak the waste tea leaves dried, placed in the corner of the room, the principle of physical adsorption of tea to remove the smoke. You can also use a towel dipped in diluted vinegar, waving a few in the room, have some effect on the removal of smoke.

Musty with soap

Meiyu season, clothes boxes, closets, drawers often emit musty, which put a bar of soap, musty, that is, can also be dried tea leaves into the gauze bag, put all over, not only can remove musty also Can give off fragrance.

Brushed away the paint smell of salt water

The newly renovated house, leaving a heavy paint smell, anxious to stay how do you do? Not entangled, as long as the floor put two cold brine, the paint taste will run away.

Cool oil to the toilet taste

No window of the bathroom is the "hardest hit", will be a small bottle of oil after the cover opened in the bathroom corner, both deodorant and insect repellent.

Remove pet flavor

Try not to let cats and dogs free at home toilet, should be prepared for cat litter, dog litter to defecation.

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