Thick Bottom Of The Black Scale Do Not Wash With Water! Teach You A Clean Trick, Do Not Spend A Penny Can Get

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Cooking cooking every day, the kitchen pot with a long time will be very dirty, thick bottom of the pot of oil not only looked dirty dirty dirty, but also affect the heat transfer cooking, affecting the taste of cooking. You know, these dirt is not wiped with cloth, steel ball can be simply removed, you want to easily remove dirt, saving time and effort is not hurt hands

The first method as long as the kitchen to use a few small spices on the line, first wet the bottom of the pot, and then to the bottom of the pot to pour some baking soda, then pour a little white vinegar up, and then wrapped in plastic wrap the bottom, This baking soda will react with the vinegar, place a wrap and then remove the plastic wrap, hard to get the dirt can be easily removed, really very convenient.

You can also first boil the pot with boiling water boil it again, after cooling evenly sprinkle a layer of ash in the bottom of the pot, hand rub evenly, then while spraying white vinegar with a rag or pot brush to wipe the bottom, so you will find , Black scale will slowly fall off a bit, more and more bright. No ash can also use mosquito ash, clean the pot has miraculous Oh.

Give everyone a trick, as long as cut a few slices of fresh lemon cook for 5 minutes, and then use the lemon to clean the wok, the bottom of the pot is not only clean as new, but also restore the luster, and the taste is very fresh. Of course, if you use the following few small artifact when cleaning, to solve the wok rusty greasy grease from the grease is a matter of minutes.

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