Toilet Blocked, To Clear The Little Coup!

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Method 1: Use a furrow or cloth mop

There are skin at home can guess a few tastings, there is no skin Pudao use cloth mop. The first way Xiang Xiang try to go through, and then put the mop into the toilet, like the same as the use of leather Piston up and down to do piston movement. While pass! The reason is estimated that the mop into the water, four spread out, down the pass as if the formation of a pressure surface, pressure inside, so pass!

Note: If the toilet in the water soon, you can add some boiling water, the effect is better!

Method 2: Queen Coke bottle

That is, no skin at home, nor cloth mop, you can find a large Coke bottle, cut in the position near the bottom. Then use the same as the leather basting, alignment pipe mouth, from top to bottom pressure, pressure a few times, you can dredging!

Note: Always cap the bottle.

Method 3: Use tape

Prepare a roll of 30cm wide yellow tape, and then dry the toilet edge with a piece of tissue paper to dry, making the tape sticky. Then stick the tape flat along the toilet bowl, seal it, smooth the corners with your hands and tape the toilet bowl along. Water, the tape will be under pressure to drum up, press the tape down by hand. If life is limited, talk about it!

Method 4: baking soda + white vinegar

Bake in some baking soda, and then pour some white vinegar (ratio is 1: 1) Wait 15 minutes, then pour hot water, cover the toilet lid. If the blockage is not serious, it will pass for a while.

Method 5: Spring dredge

Home around the hardware store can buy a root spring dredger, it is cheap, dredging toilets it quickly and easily!

Method 6: wet and dry vacuum cleaner (water machine)

If the home has wet and dry vacuum suction machine (do not use an ordinary vacuum cleaner, be sure to wet and dry, water-absorbing vacuum cleaner.), First toilet water sucked, and then the soft tail Pipe into the pipe, and then use a rag to block the nearby open area free, power suction. It is possible to suck the blockage out at once.

Method 7: Hot water + detergent

Pour some detergent into the toilet, heat the water, and then use the skin to tap the hides.

Method 8: Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

Home with carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, the nozzle can be aligned with the toilet pipe mouth, surrounded by a damp cloth plug, do not leak, open fire extinguishers, the use of gas pressure to open the blockage!

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